The Trolleys

Most of the trolleys used by the Harmony Line had been constructed by the Niles Car and Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, MO. Twenty-five cars were shipped disassembled to the Harmony car barn. Workers assembled the cars and added steel wheels that had been manufactured at the Forged Steel Wheel Company of Butler.

A typical car included three different sections: a general seating area, a smoker section (ostensibly for gentlemen who preferred a cigar or pipe while traveling), and a baggage section. Each car could carry about forty people.

As time went on, the Harmony Line expanded its services to include special party cars. These could be rented for $55 per day. Church groups, school students, and small parties enjoyed movies and card-playing aboard the party cars on their way to and from special occasions.

The Harmony Line also owned several special cars used in maintaining the trolley tracks.

A party car

Party cars sometimes included movie projectors.

Street sprinkler

This was a street sprinkler used by the trolley lines about 1910.

Work car

Work cars hauled a variety of materials needed for maintenance along the trolley lines.

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